Principal of Signal Mountain Middle High School 17365
Hamilton County Schools
3074 Hickory Valley Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Professional - Certified - Principal
Grades PK-12
Job Number 4000017365
Start Date
Open Date 05/15/2018
Closing Date
Duty Days 260
Endorsement Code {480} BEGIN ADMIN A PREK-12, {481} BEGIN ADMIN B PREK-12, {482} PROF ADMIN PREK-12, {483} PROF ADMIN K-12, {442} Instructional Leadership - Beginning, {443} Instructional Leadership - Professional, {444} Instructional Leadership - Exemplary
Additional Job Information

Must have a Master's degree or above and hold a TN ILL-B (Beginning Administrator License) or ILL-P (Professional Administrator License). Valid TN teaching license required.

Successful administrative experience required.

Successful classroom teaching experience required.

Proven ability to organize program, personnel, and activities required for productive learning.

Proven ability to relate to a wide variety of people and to observe, listen, and motivate students, teachers, and community.

Proven ability to make decisions and provide leadership to result in a positive learning environment.

Proven ability to manage financial budgets, resources, and personnel effectively.
Must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral.

Proficient in the use of student learning technology programs.

Previous experience with IB accreditation preferred.

To apply, complete a Professional online application and attach a current resume to your application.