Snapshot isolation transaction failed in database 'Searchsoft' because the object accessed by the statement has been modified by a DDL statement in another concurrent transaction since the start of this transaction. It is disallowed because the metadata is not versioned. A concurrent update to metadata can lead to inconsistency if mixed with snapshot isolation.; EXTRA INFO: select ADDRESS_ID, STATE, MAIL_STATE, WORK_NUMBER_EXT, CONTACT_NAME, ALT_PHONE, PERM_PHONE_EXT, PERM_CITY, EMERGENCY_PHONE_EXT, STREET, MAIL_ZIP, PHONE, APARTMENT_UNIT, COUNTRY_ID, ALT_PHONE_EXT, COUNTY, PERM_VALID_UNTIL_DATE, ZIP, PERM_PHONE, CONTACT_AT_WORK, PERM_STATE, CURRENT_VALID_UNTIL_DATE, CONTACT_TITLE, EMERG_RELATIONSHIP_NAME, PERM_COUNTRY, MODIFY_DATETIME, CELL_PHONE_EXT, PERM_ZIP, EMERGENCY_PHONE2, COUNTRY, MAIL_CITY, OTHER_STATE, COUNTY_ID, CONTACT_TYPE_ID, ADD_DATETIME, PHONE_EXT, PERM_STREET, MAIL_STREET, CITY, PERM_APARTMENT_UNIT from address where address.ADDRESS_ID = 'WA00003997' order by address.ADDRESS_ID