Itinerant School Psychologist 18158 - 2018-2019
Hamilton County Schools
3074 Hickory Valley Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Certified - Special Education - School Psychologist
Grades K-12
Job Number 4000018158
Start Date
Open Date 10/26/2018
Closing Date
Other Position Type Temporary
Duty Days 201
Endorsement Code {089} SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, {426} PSYCHOLOGY 9-12, {489} SC PSYCOL PREK-12
Additional Job Information
Assist in the planning and implementation of interventions related to a student?s Individualized Educational Plan. Provide psychological reports that contain evidence of multi-sourced assessments as dictated by the TDOE assessment procedures / eligibility criteria. Serve on school-based assistance teams (Pre-Referral Intervention Teams, RTI Committees, etc).

Consult with teachers, other school staff, and parents about ways to facilitate learning and social / emotional well-being for individual or groups of students .Consult with teachers and other school staff on classroom or building-based needs. Assist in the coordination of services between the school system and other relevant agencies in an effort to facilitate services for students. Provide in-service programs for building-based staff and parents.

Maintain records of referrals and services delivered. Monthly assessment logs are to be submitted to the Ex Ed Assessment Facilitator with a cumulative log submitted at the end of each school year. Maintain a system of confidentiality for records and files. Support the maintenance of student records by providing parents with reports at the time of the eligibility determination review, submit all relevant documents to the student?s exceptional education record, and submit all relevant documents to EasyIEP. You are a representative of HCDE. Maintain a professional demeanor and set a good example within your peer group of school psychologists.

This is an itinerant / district-wide position. Schools and base will be assigned following