Ex Ed Behavioral Inclusion Teacher 2019-2020 SY- 18465
Hardy Elementary
Certified - Position - Special Education
Job Number 4000018465
Start Date
Open Date 01/09/2019
Closing Date
Other Position Type 2019-2020 SY
Duty Days 201
Health & Safety CPI Training
Endorsement Code {105} SPECIAL EDUCATION, {460} SP ED MODIFIED K-12, {461} SP ED COMP K-12
Additional Job Information
Required Qualifications (MUST have in order to apply):
Ability to provide supervision and instruction for students with social, behavioral, communication, and cognitive disabilities.
Knowledge of curriculum and interventions designed for students with social, behavioral, communication and cognitive disabilities.
Specialized skills in working with students with significant emotional or behavioral issues and social skills deficient.
Knowledge of applied behavioral analysis and structured teaching.
Ability to complete training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.
Knowledge of Common Core Standards.
Special Education License K-12
5 years? experience as a licensed special education teacher or behavior management specialist in public schools.